Ikea and me…

Normally I avoid ikea unless i know i need something, and this proved poignant on Sunday when at 2 pm the carpark was bunged! 3rd level material here BUT I had it in my head i needed drawers and a vanity unit (or life might end ) and my head would not stop even though … More Ikea and me…

July :)

Hello!!! This month has been full on summer shopping and hauling, from clothes to shoes, makeup and bags πŸ™‚ (yes im now broke!!) I have two beauty boxes this month from Glossy Box and My Little Box. I have to say glossy is a little disappointing….small products and pretty boring to be honest were on … More July πŸ™‚

Having been away for almost a month I want to apologise and all will become clear! Today i made Broccoli soup from scratch for the first time, and it is something iv procrastinated about for numerous months as i thought i couldn’t do, well it couldn’t have been simpler or more delicious and needless to … More

New chapter :)

So i have decided (after trawling the youtube bloggers!) that i need a new spin on my blog. I will still do the My little box reviews among many others I’m hoping but I will try and cover all areas that i am interested in, from knowledge to movies and of course random beauty secrets … More New chapter πŸ™‚

February Box :)

SO…. apologies for the absence. This week as well as work i had a massive clear out! The bag and shoe hoarder….threw out bags and shoes…. A sad day all round but i had so little space and sooooo many things! I still have a large number of shoes…ahem…over 150 pairs…and 50+ handbags! Anyway moving … More February Box πŸ™‚

hello! apologies for the absence, i was “celebrating” my birthday! The celebrating is that way inclined as I am aging and not gracefully (or willingly) ! πŸ™‚ I also have spent quite a bit of time recording a video for this blog, now the timer is 4 hours from recording…humphhh. The editing wasn’t too bad … More